Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Day is Finally Here!!

It's 3 A.M. and who can sleep on a day like this really?  Not only do I have jet lag working against me but I am going to meet my daughter today!!!!  My heart is getting thrills! This is the last day that the sun will rise without us officially being her Mama and Baba.  I awoke much earlier and have been praying for her, for her family at New Day who will miss her, and for our family.....that God will just knit our hearts together.  I know that she is on her way to her birth Province right this very minute and we will leave for the airport in a couple of hours to meet her there.  We are making our way to each other and later today we will be united.  I am not sure what time yet but will probably post later today once we know.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers which have brought us to this day!!
Advent blessings,


  1. Teared up just reading this. Thanks for your prayers for us as well. Praying for YOU as well! Heard about her "initial reaction." :)

  2. What a great Advent season it is my dear friend! By the time you read this, you will have held your sweet Annie in your arms for the first time and cried so many tears
    of great joy! Jude and I stayed up until 0200 and prayed for your family. Many more prayers are being sent your way on this very Blessed day!!!

    We Love You,


  3. We are so excited for YOU! We keep checking the site often to follow your miraculous journey! Sophia is excited for her and Faustina to play with Mei Mei and Annie! Our prayers are with you several times a our eyes fill with tears in celebration of Gods amazing love for us all!
    Huge hug from home,
    The Berghouse Family