Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leaving China

We're getting closer.......we made it to Beijing this afternoon and will leave bright and early in the morning.  I am so behind in pictures but will try to catch up once we get settled in at home. 

Annie is talking SO MUCH!!!  IN ENGLISH!!!  She has the sweetest little voice!!  Everything is "Annie's......."-- Annie's water, Annie's airplane--she is so funny! And, she is quite the mother. Even though she no longer has little ones around, our teenagers are happy to oblige to her instruction(Especially if it gets them out of doing their homework). She likes to "put E-man to bed" by having him get in the crib and then she turns out all the lights and tells us to "shhhhh" and tells him, "I'll be back, ok"  and then she opens the door and says, "Hello!" and turns all the lights back on.  What a great big brother to endure that!!  She likes to brush Hadley's teeth for her at night and they are always doing something funny together.  She has been giggling so much tonight and you can't help but start laughing yourself!!  It's hard to remember the sad, scared little girl from 12 short days ago. 

Here's a couple of pictures of traveling today:

Press on!


  1. Hey Babe,

    So excited to hear you're heading home! I CAN NOT wait to talk to you!!!! I hope your travels back home are uneventful.

    Talk soon,


  2. I miss you guys this Christmas. Please be safe coming home. Many blessings. XO.