Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day #3 in Nanchang

We saw first smiles early this morning!!  We were facetiming with Cole and she was playing with the keyboard.  He was trying to take a picture of her on the screen.  Somehow we lost connection and she thought it was something she pushed and she started giggling and saying something.  Quickly, though she was back to quiet and just taking it all in.

We went on a little outing in Nanchang in the morning.  We were supposed to go to Walmart but we really didn't need anything(we sure had made enough trips there before we left).  We were tempted out of curiosity but decided to go look for something special for Annie from her home province, instead.  Jiangxi is known for their porcelain and amazing needlecrafting so we were able to find her a special keepsake for when she is older.  She was great and didn't make a peep except when we went to get in the taxis to go back to the hotel (we had our guide from our agency with us so we had to take 2). She noticed that Jeff had gone in the one in front of us and she started wimpering and saying "Baba, baba".  I couldn't wait to tell Jeff since all of our kids have been Mama's babies when they were little.  I think he is really enjoying that she is digging her Baba. 

The doctor came to our room to examine her and thought she looked great.  We saw a glimmer of the trust that she is developing in us as she was quick to move into our arms when he had finished so we were very thankful to see some progress.

Still no talking and still very solemn for most of the day.  She did get happy when she saw french fries and we saw even more of that little personality in there.  We are patiently waiting for her to trust us more and more with each passing day.  We know that she was so strongly attached with her family at New Day andwe know it will take time.  She is super sweet though and will do whatever you ask of her.  We are in love with her and are enjoying this time together.  Poor thing probably would be happier if we'd back off and give her some space!!  At times all 4 of us are surrounding her playing!  And you wonder why Mei Mei is the way she is--it started early!!

Look how beautiful they made Jeff's dinner:


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