Friday, December 21, 2012


Believe it or not, I am sitting in a quiet hotel room, having a cup of coffee, thinking about the packing and travels that are ahead.  It's dangerous for me to have quiet--I think too much.....and I was thinking about "goodbyes".   I am a little teary-eyed just thinking about leaving tomorrow.   CANNOT wait to get home to our family-don't misunderstand me!!  I just never really thought we'd be back in China when we left the first time with Mei Mei unless we were bringing her back to visit.  So, saying goodbye to China this time is different. I have finally learned that you just never know where God will lead you. I get a little sad though just thinking about taking Annie away from her birth country.  It is so heart breaking that her birthparents had to make the decision that they did.  And believe me, we are overjoyed that she is part of our family; but underlying it all at times is sadness for her loss and for theirs.  Sometimes when I am walking and holding hands with Mei Mei and she is singing and smiling and I look down at her and see that dimple and her beautiful eyes, my heart soars with joy and I love her so much and I am saddened that her parents never got to this chance.  And, now with Annie, as I feel that same way.  I just feel blessed to be born in America where we don't have to make those hard decisions. 

And, with Annie, I KNOW she was in such wonderful hands here and with people who loved her so very much.  Goodbyes can be hard......but they can be beautiful new beginnings and for that, I am thankful!!

Prayers were answered in a BIG WAY yesterday!!  We took a very special trip to visit some very special friends and it was AMAZING!!!  Our hearts are all so full and we are so thankful!! God is good!!


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  1. Deb, Jeff and kids,
    I just got caught up with your adventures from this week. What a fantastic week of awakening and miracles you've experienced - Waiting, Awakening, New Birth - You just had Advent!!!

    Safe travels and know the journey has just begun!
    Lots of Love,
    JoAnn Berk