Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Annie- Part 2

Moment by moment she seems to be trusting us more and more.  However, she is still very stoic, quiet, and watchful right now.  She watches every move we make and has the saddest eyes at times.  She is so sweet though and beginning to open up more and more.  We finally saw the first smiles tonight after her bath!!!  It was food for the soul!! 

  We started the day out with our first real meal out with Annie.  When you adopt from China, families usually stay in very nice hotels which include an unbelievable buffet that is full of Chinese and Western foods.  The staff must have thought we were so wasteful because we went through about 10 different things before we resorted to noodles for Annie.  She's a pretty picky eater but we found out that she loves Cheerios so at least we have breakfast covered.  We had a few hours of Adoption registration meetings in the afternoon and then home for some play time and some good ole' Papa Johns for dinner.  Annie did not like pizza so she had noodles.

She is so precious!!!!
Here is Nanchung from our hotel window:


  1. She is so BEAUTIFUL! She is finally in your arms! Praising God for his miraculous goodness! She looks just like Sophia did in China -- super attached to Daddy! More tears filling our eyes! God is just so GOOD! She will LOVE playing with brother and sister in China! I think it took both Sophia and Faustina about 48 hours dare to open their heart :)

    Much love and Huge hugs from home,
    The Berghouse Family

    PS- cant wait to see more pictures! Joy will fill each moment of our day in celebration of watching Gods plan unfold right before our eyes!

  2. Welcome to our family Annie. She is very cute and seems to be bonding already. It's wonderful to see her join a loving Family. I hope the rest of the trip goes well. Love PaPa and Noney

  3. Hi Jeff!

    Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for sharing your blog with me. What an amazing and life changing experience. I look forward to each new post. It's an honor to share this journey of life, love and faith with your blessed family. Thank you again!

    Ariana :)(Webster)

  4. The things that make a heart sing on a rainy Kentucky Monday morning!!! She's more beautiful than I imagined!! and it's just so stinkin cool to see her with you guys after watching her on New Day for what seems like forever now!!! CONGRATS! Praying for her little heart to be open to all the wonders of your family!!