Saturday, December 8, 2012

Excitement in the Air

Well, I made it to 3:25 this morning but the excitment is just too much to contain so I am up and rolling!  I can't wait to add Annie to this awesome family I have been blessed with.  We have been getting texst for the past 12 hours letting us know how far they are on their journey to meet us.  The latest was, "on the train she is tired...did not sleep on the long bus ride too excited.....she is snuggled in my arms on the train and finally asleep"  Can you imagine what may be going through her little mind?  She will have traveled 12-15 hours by bus and train to meet us.  I can't wait to show you pictures.  I will leave you with the last family shot (without me in it) that will be taken without Annie.  Cole, Mary Claire, Mei Mei, Nan and Pops: we miss you guys, pray hard that Annie will be open to us!



  1. Hi Bert,

    It's MOTS!!!! I can't wait to see your "new" family picture too!!!

    Love ya,


    P.S. Did y'all hear my scream all the way in China??

  2. Oh My!!! It's defiently been to long since we caught up!!! I'm exploding with surprise and excitement here in Kentucky!! Can't WAIT to see the photos of you meeting sweet Annie tomorrow! WOW!! What a faithful journey you have followed to get you hear! HUGE prayers!!..and i love SIGNS! your photo and "Press On New Day" give me goose bumps!! LOVE it! God is so cool!