Monday, December 17, 2012

First words

BIG NEWS: Last night she whispered her first words to me!!!! We were all playing with Play-doh and she gave me some and said, "Mama roll"!! Melt this Mama's heart!!!!! She is starting to whisper words here and there so we know it's coming!! 

I am feeling like we're on the little Mei Mei told me today when we were "facetiming" (is that a word??) that we only had 4 more days.  Got me all excited because I really don't know what the date even is but when I checked I realized we weren't quite that close.  She and I make a lot of chains together to count things down.  When we first started doing it, she would rip a couple links off thinking that would make the event happen sooner.  I'm wondering if that's the case here, too, since we made a little (ok-long) countdown chain to help her.  She seems to have done wonderfully but I know this has to be a little hard on her.  Good thing she has Cole and Mary Claire with her.  It's hard to believe she's only been home 3 years --seems like she's been with us forever.  We can't wait for Annie to meet everyone.  We have been "visiting" with them every morning which has helped take the edge off being away.  This morning Annie saw that they had Play-doh out and she ran and got hers to show them.  She was quite pleased that they had rolled Play-doh balls too and that her balls from the night before were still in her can for her to show them. 

She is so funny...She loves when we go to the elevator so she can push the button.  And yes, being the germaphobe that I am, she does use her knuckles :)!!  She pushes the button and then watches to see which light comes on and then runs to that elevator.  She's got our routine down pat.

We are meeting so many amazing families.  I love to hear the stories of their journeys.  I am always reminded of God's amazing love when I do.  On our first trip I was so surprised to see so many couples that were our age or older adding to their families and it is no different now.  In fact, I feel like we might be on slightly the younger end.  There is one young couple in our agency's group from Chicago that decided to adopt before having biological children but the rest are 40ish and 50ish and maybe a few 30ish.  I guess that's when we all start wondering what we're on this earth for really.  There is another family in our group who is adopting a beautiful 11 year old girl who is in a wheelchair and cannot walk.  Every time I see her Dad carry her up the bus stairs I cry--it's so beautiful for so many reasons!! 

Thanks so much for all of your prayers!!  We cannot wait to see all of you and for Annie to get to know what amazing family and friends she will be surrounded by!!
Love to all!

 At breakfast this morning....yes, #6 child gets a glass instead of a sippee cup and no bib :) HA HA!!


  1. So happy that there are WORDS!!! Answered prayers! :-)

  2. Poor bib and no sippy cup :)

    Did it really take us this long to figure out that we don't really need all this "fancy" stuff for our kids? All they really need is a family...homegrown or not!!!
    I am sitting here watching Tibebe love on his baby brother, Kaleab, saying " I love you so much" and thinking about how many times Annie will hear
    these beautiful words from Mei Mei, Mary, Ethan, Hadley, Cole, and her mommy and daddy. Love is such an amazing scene to watch...from the man carrying his
    11 year old daughter, to the older siblings playing games with their newly adopted brothers, to the much anticipated innocent whispers from our daughter that confirm what we've waited
    almost 2 years to hear and all the other countless ways God reminds us daily of what love should really look like....not the fancy sippy cups and bibs!!

    We love y'all so much and we are looking forward to learning with your family what God is asking of us,