Wednesday, December 12, 2012

French Fries & Ice Cream....What else!

 We finally got out of the hotel room yesterday to take in some of the local culture.  As you can read from Deb's last post, Annie comes alive at night and we seem to make progress only to wake up to those sad eyes as she wakes up thinking, I am still here with these crazy people. :)  We did manage to get her to eat a little more yesterday morning which is always good.  However, as you can see from the picture below it did not go so well for Ethan.  You see, I told Ethan to go try the pork ribs which are cut up to the size of a quarter.  I happened to be getting Annie something when I came back to the table to see a white face.  It seems Mr. Ethan got pork ribs and chicken feet mixed up and it was not so tasty! 

Doing my best to try and get a smile, we stopped off at McDonalds for french fries and I am happy to say she loves fries and ketchup....Anut April you have a friend! To top it off, what would the day be like without ice cream?

And, saving the best for last, we saw the best thing in Nanchang last night:

I know most of you find this as no surprise but Haddie is to thank--that girl is a kid whisperer if there ever was one!!


  1. You go make everyone smile!!!!!

  2. Her smile fits in with the rest of the Baker clan...they all have A W E S O M E smiles!!!!!!!!!

    9 more days, and the rest of the family will get to love on her too!!!

    I can't wait for our turn,


  3. I had to laugh at the part about waking up with the "crazy people." Your progress in just a few days is evident. I am enjoying your posts...It is heartwarming to see Goodness in action. Annie looks amazing!!

  4. She is amazing, beautiful, precious - not enough adjectives to describe Annie!
    Thank you for allowing us to join you on this journey!
    God Bless!
    JoAnn Berk