Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We received a picture from home yesterday that caught both Jeff and I off guard a bit.  Mary Claire had her Christmas program at school last night and they sent us a picture of her all dressed up for it.  When did she grow up????  Our pony-tailed little girl just looked so beautiful and all grown up--it made me kind of sad........... and really sad to miss seeing her singing.  We asked for a solo concert recap but she refused :) 

She has grown into such an awesome big sister.  I think it was tough on her when Mei Mei first came home and she lost "baby" status at our house.  But as the days passed and we saw their sisterhood blossom, we saw her willingly let go of her position.  It was confirmed last spring when we had a huge storm at our house.  With the first crack of thunder I knew we'd have a visitor in our bed.  The storm raged on but no Mary Claire to be seen.  The next morning we asked her if she'd heard the storm.  She had, but she didn't want to leave Mei Mei because she knew she'd be scared.  Yep, that's a big sister--not thinking about herself just looking out for her little sister.  
And here is Annie today blossoming right before our eyes!!!!
They say that beauty is only skin deep but this girl is beautiful on the inside,too.  Last night I was giving her a bath and she so sweetly washed my arms (about 10 times).  She is quick to share a drink from her water bottle with us and use the lid to wipe any water drips from your lips.  She just has such a sweet and gentle way about her with all that she does.

Tomorrow is a big day for us!!  We take the oath for Annie and she will become a U.S. citizen when we touch down in Michigan on Sunday!!  After that we are going to take a special trip to see a little more of China outside of Guangzhou!  Not too much longer now!!



  1. Mary Claire you are beautiful!!!! Love, Papa and Noney

  2. I can't tell you how many times a day I check the computer to see if y'all have posted something new. I feel like a blog stalker!!! :)

    I have enjoyed "keeping up" with y'all and your journey to bring Annie home, but I can't wait until you're home safely and
    we can chat daily about our wonderful lives being wives to incredible men and mothers to 12 fantastic children!!!

    It really is so cool to see Annie's smile a rose...nurture it and daily it opens more fully and gets more and more beautiful.
    Her latest "smiles" were breathtaking...I can only imagine what the days ahead will bring...we may not be able to handle such cuteness.
    As if your family didn't have enough beauty in it already, along comes Annie.

    I hope the visit at New Day South was good. I am looking forward to hearing/reading about that.

    Love ya,