Sunday, December 30, 2012

1 Week Home

It's hard to believe we've been home for 1 week and with Annie for 3.  It has gone really quickly.  What a great time of year to bring Annie home--no school and no schedules--perfect!!  When our travel dates were unfolding I must admit that I was cringing a bit.  I had been praying for God's perfect timing but I couldn't understand why He'd have us travel again at Christmas time.  Even without traveling it's the craziest time of the year for me and for most.  Now that we are home and together, I am thanking Him for this down time for everyone to get to spend time with Annie and each other.  

Yes, we traveled to China at Christmas time both times now.  We celebrated Mei Mei's special anniversary of when she joined our family a few days ago.  Hard to believe she's been with us for 3 years already.  We ordered Chinese food and she got to have a soda-woo hoo!  That tradition started the day that we first met her.  The orphanage told us she was potty trained but she screamed and cried when I tried to take her to the potty.  I can understand--a total stranger trying to help you go in a squatty potty. (Most potties in China are basically a toilet that is flat in the ground.) Anyway, it was after lunch and we had met her in the morning and she still had not gone to the bathroom.  Our sweet guide offered to go and get her something to drink to help her go.  When he returned, he brought her a Coke.  We didn't have the heart to not give her at least one drink.  So, she thinks she's a pretty big girl on this special day and she is really--5 1/2 already!!  Watching her blossom has been miraculous.  Here is her video that we put together of her first year home:  or search Mei Mei's Gotcha Day Adoption Video

Not much has been going on here.  We have been playing outside almost everyday.  Being that Annie and I are both Southern girls, we do not like being cold so we have really been bundling up.  Mei Mei is from Northern China so she is right at home in this weather and is usually sweaty when she comes in.  Annie did not like wearing hat or mittens at first, but it didn't take long to convince her to once we were outside.  Cole and Ethan and Cole's buddies have been playing hockey on the pond so everyone has been busy getting the ice ready.  We've also been catching up on some Christmas movies while Annie naps.  Other than that, it's been pretty low key around here.  

Annie is settling in wonderfully. She and Mei Mei are still trying to figure each other out.  We were told that Annie was the little Mama at the foster home and I can totally see that!  Mei Mei wants to feed her so badly but then Annie ends up feeding Mei Mei.  

They are pretty funny together and often need a referee.  Annie is a little chatterbox-- I really can't believe that she held out on us for as long as she did in China. Her little voice is adorable and so is she!!    

And here she is watching the kids on our neighbor's snowmobile, saying "Annie outside".....

I am feeling like one blessed Mama today.  My heart has been so heavy for the families who are grieving in CT --I really can't imagine their pain.  And now, for the families who were in process to adopt from Russia.  I know that right now,  we are truly blessed and thankful.

Merry Christmas!!!

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