Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ambulance Ride

Where to begin???  The whirlwind of summer left me reeling and I feel like I am just getting my feet back on the ground in its wake.  So much has happened since June!!!  Since I am so far behind, I will have to update in parts.

After a wonderful vacation, we returned to the reality of summer break and 6 kids who hadn't been together full time since December.......always a challenge for a couple of weeks until we get used to each other again.  I was excited for it though.  No biggie.  We could do this.  I finally had all our vacation clothes washed and folded and just waiting to be put away, suitcases in the basement, and my "to do" list in perfect order.  I was even going to head to the grocery early so we'd have food in the house.  Yes, I was making progress, finally!

Then I got a phone call--the kind you don't want to receive.  Hadley was babysitting and they think she has dislocated her hip; they want to know if they should call an ambulance.  I quickly size up my ignorance in this situation as I grab my keys and head over to check her out.  I ask E to google "dislocated hip" and call me.  He yells out the door and all I hear are the words "shock" and "nerve damage".

  Once I get there, I understand the phone call and question-YES!  CALL THE AMBULANCE!!  After they arrive and  numerous painkillers are pumped in, we arrive at the hospital.  That was the strangest feeling to be in the ambulance on a road that you travel numerous times a week.  Experiencing it from that side was surreal.  When we get settled at the hospital, they can not get a good x-ray because of the angle of her leg which cannot be moved so they are not sure if it is broken.  They must prep her for surgery to relocate it and to determine if anything is broken.

Thank goodness we know the Orthopedic Surgeon on call and know that he is a wonderful surgeon and person which gives us much relief!  Of course Dad is out of town and Hadley has been strong up until the point that they are on the phone together....he hops on the next plane towards home thank Goodness!!

They took Hadley and me to surgery prep and the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurses came in to talk to us and explain everything and we realize that we have to part very soon which is very scary for both of us.  Jeff and I  have been so very blessed that none of our kids have ever had to have surgery.....I have never left them like this and it was so hard!! I quickly prayed over her and then I asked the Blessed Mother to be with Hadley and wrap her mantle around that moment, the curtain parts and a nurse with a cute Cheetah apron on comes in and leans over Hadley.  She said, "Hi Hadley, I am your surgery nurse.  My name is Mary and I will be taking care of you today."  Hadley and I just smiled......later we talked about it and both laughed that her name tag said "Mary V". (like Virgin Mary)  It gave us both so much peace.

 Very shortly after I went into the waiting area, Dr. T came in to give us the great news that he was able to relocate it and there was no break.  The bad news was that she would be on crutches for about 6 weeks.  All in all, she handled it all pretty well-all things considered.  It really didn't slow her down too much.  She still found the will to go to concerts and be a camp counselor for 2 weeks-- oh, to be young again......

Haddie and a sweet friend and teammate-
all smiles after that hard fought victory!
She was just finally released to play in her first rugby game in October after starting slowly back into practicing and running a couple of weeks prior.  An MRI showed that her hip looked great. Yep- I know....why are we letting her play rugby?  When I asked Dr. T what he thought, he reminded me that she did it running in the back yard while babysitting-who would have thought??  Let's put it this way, I pray A LOT!!!  What more can we do as parents????

We love this girl with the biggest heart ever!! We are so proud of her determination to get out there and play.  And, it paid off.  DSHA won the state championship last Sunday and Hadley even got to play! What an amazing accomplishment!

Hadley was going away for the weekend and 

I caught a tender goodbye between her and Mei

Annie snuggling with her big sis and listening to music while she works on homework

A wet Halloween but a big sister who loves candy!!


She is such a great big sis!!  Not sure who is luckier- the little girls to have her or her to have the little girls!!
Press on!