Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Summer Catch Up

Yes, I am awful at blogging.  I really want this journal for our family to chronicle these years but I just don't always have the energy.  I'm going to try my best to get caught up, though!!

We soaked in summer as much as we could.  The weather was nice and hot which made for endless hours for the little girls to be in the pool!  Annie was a fish by the end of summer with head under and all!  Mei was her biggest cheerleader.  Mei Mei was so happy to have someone closer to her age to play with this summer.  They were worn out by the end of the day which left all of the rest of us with late nights of cards and dominoes.  It was a great summer.

I guess if I had to summarize summer, I would say that I did my best to hang on to every moment  and cherish the little things.  With Cole leaving in August for college, I knew it would never be the same again.  We were able to spend so much time together because he had several morning bagpiping jobs which left him free for the rest of the day.  I am grateful for that.  There was so much that we felt like we wanted to impart before he left (like we hadn't been doing that for 18 years already) and so many conversations that Jeff and I wanted to have with him.  

Cole and I even got to go to college orientation together while Jeff and Ethan took care of the little girls (the big girls were gone to camp).  In the middle of one of the parent talks, I got a text from Jeff.  He said that he only left them alone for a minute and he sent me a picture of Annie's painted toenails.     Cole had his final outings with siblings and we made list after list until we knew there wasn't a thing left to do except to go.  Nan and Pops came to stay with everyone so Jeff and I could make this journey together......our first of its kind.  I prefer bringing them home from the hospital (or from China)over this one, I must say....it was tough to say goodbye and to feel the miles increase between us.  But, so proud of him and happy for him to have this opportunity and I really wouldn't want it any other way!!  We all miss him like crazy but are so thankful for technology!!

Mary Claire and Ethan had a relaxing summer with little on their schedule outside of a camp for each.  It has been so fun watching the 2 of them grow up and mature but still have fun!  You could usually find E building something or taking something apart and MC with our neighbor friends.

We celebrated Mei's 6th birthday at the cabin.  She has grown up so much!  We had a very tough summer together.  Mei Mei began having seizures about a year after we brought her home.  Thank goodness they are only fade out ones and aren't as scary as many other kinds.  But, she had a medication increase at the beginning of summer and it really affected her.  Her judgement and behavior was hugely impacted but we couldn't figure out if it was the medication or just behavioral issues arising with everyone home and my attention split in so many ways.  Finally, we called the neurologist and she suggested starting her on vitamin B6.  One week later, we had our girl back-it was miraculous!  I am so thankful that she is doing really well.

And sweet Annie…..she is just doing great!  Hard to believe that in one week she will be home for a year now!  I am just so thankful that we stepped out in faith and that we cast all those doubts and fears aside!!  So glad that God allowed us to be her family!  She had a great summer and loved to swim and catch frogs every day she could!  She loves being outside!  And even though she's a southern girl like her Mama, she even braves the cold!  

Blessed Advent to all of you!!
Press On!

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