Thursday, December 19, 2013

And So 1 Year and 10 Days Ago Today

And so, 1 year and 10 days ago today, we met our beautiful daughter in person for the first time.  It has been fun reminiscing about that day and it's been interesting how each of us has held on to different memories.  Knowing Annie like we do now, I know that she was so scared-poor thing.  We have come so far in this year-I don't remember what it was like to not have her here and part of our family.  Tonight when I laid her down, she was giggling and she said, "I love you,  Mama".  There's just something about those words that I appreciate so much more than I have over the years.  They tend to make my heart swell nowadays.  What a blessing she is.  Oh, she can be a stinker when it comes to not getting candy or anything with sugar when she wants it (I am sure all our New Day South family can attest to this), but she is a sweetie most of the time.  

Some things about Annie:

You can find her in a blue, hand-me-down, two sizes too big Cinderella dress every day, all day.  The other princess dresses are "too scratchy" she says.  I have had to set the timer recently since both girls want to wear it.  Maybe Santa will help take some pressure off…...

She loves, loves to play with Mei Mei and waits patiently until she finishes school.  They love to play baby and go on pretend trips together.  She will tell Mei Mei that she is her best friend-it's so sweet!

There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't color.

She loves to help me cook.

The girl is soooo flexible.  She loves when Daddy teaches her gymnastics!

She loves to go outside-no matter the temp!

She loves Cinderella-the movie and dancing to the music.

She loves to hold hands when we pray at dinner and is the one who initiates it.

She just memorized her prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep……" and likes to say it "By herself" now.

She likes to bless me at night while making the sign of the cross on my head.

She is a prayer warrior and remembers to pray for people when I forget.

She just learned "O Come, O come Emmanuel" this Advent and loves to belt it out sing it.

She loves to see all her family at New Day on Facebook or skyping.  She often prays for them!

She has red, shiny shoes that she loves to wear.

She loves to put on "Chopstick"-Lipstick.

She loves her "sunbrella"-umbrella.

She loves to chomp her gum!

Last year


When I think back to all the fears that we had during this adoption journey, I am so glad that we did not let them paralyze us.  What we would have missed!!!!  If you are thinking about adoption, make that first step!  Just trust God…..His plans are so much more and so much better than we could ever, ever think of or plan on our own!!  Not always easy, but fuller and more joyful in so many ways!  We have been blessed!!

Press on!

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  1. Oh my.... Deb, she is BEAUTIFUL (as are you!)! Wow... she looks so different than last year. But that adorable grin is still the same. Merry Christmas to your family!