Thursday, December 5, 2013

1 Year Ago

Hard to believe that 1 year ago today, we were heading to the airport on our way to China.  

Nan and Pops had arrived, 3 kids and a dog relying on them for 18 days. 

 Schedules made out.  

Rides coordinated. 
Groceries in the house.

Meals made.  

House in order. 

Tree decorated. 

Santa visited. 

Presents all wrapped.  

Thinking about all that went in to flying half way around the world overwhelms and humbles me today.  

How did we do it all?  

Only 1 answer:  God's amazing Grace.
My procrastinating-fighting self could never accomplish it on my own- only with God's help.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that this was a modern day miracle!! 

I hate leaving my kids even for a weekend-how did we leave for almost 3 weeks?  And at Christmas time? God's Grace. 

 I can't imagine the joy in Heaven when we care for the fatherless as God asks us to in His Holy Word!  He helps us accomplish the seemingly impossible-truly a miracle!!!

 Leaving for the airport 1 year ago, so hard to say goodbye...…

 Probably about the time we realized Ethan forgot his coat.  Ummmm, it's winter in Beijing, Ethan!!!

 Do we look scared to death? We were!  
What if she doesn't want to be with us?  She didn't.  At first.  
What if our whole life changes?  It did.  For the better.  
What if we aren't equipped?  We weren't.  But God helps us.  
So blessed to journey through life with my amazing husband!!

 Saw this in the airport…..Frances Joy-Yin ("Annie" since no one liked Frannie in our family) we were on our way!!

Our great travel partners-they both said this morning that they wish they were on their way to China again!!  I agree.  

I'd do it all again 100 times to have this girl home with us!!!!

Press On!!

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  1. I can't believe it's been a year!!! Seems like just yesterday Annie was with us in China. Love that sweet girl and so glad she is doing so well. Glory to God!