Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sorry for the quietness....

So much has been going on here....  I want to post more but never seem to have the time or energy once the little ones get to sleep.

We were finally able to see (over the past couple of weeks) all of Annie's specialists that will be involved in her care.  Thankfully, we live about 25 minutes from a wonderful Children's Hospital.  I have never posted about Annie's special needs and part of that is for her privacy when she gets older and part of that is that she's our daughter and her special needs don't define her.   I will tell you, in the adoption process, it's one thing to read a child's  file and the medical terminology that defines them when they are orphans and quite another when they are your sons or daughters who bring you so much joy and love.  We feel honored to walk with Annie but that doesn't mean that there haven't been times that we have been scared of the unknowns.  Adoption is a walk of faith like I've never known.

Annie has spina bifida. Thankfully it has not effected her mobility and thankfully she was at New Day.  While there, she was able to have surgery and also unbelievable daily care. Without that daily care (that an orphanage would have never been able to provide due to the number of children under their care) we were told by the doctors that she wouldn't be with us today.   Wouldn't.  Be. With. Us.  That was hard to hear.  How many children don't ever make it out of the orphanage?  I hate to think about it too much.

Thank you God for taking care of her! Thank you New Day and all of the generous donors for caring for these children and especially our girl!  We had the honor and privilege of thanking one of her China Mamas for staying with her at the hospital-what an angel here on earth!   We also had the honor and privilege of knowing that her China BaBa met with 5 neurosurgeons before he chose the one who would operate on Annie.  My heart is so grateful for that kind of love.  We could never really thank any of the people there at NDS enough.......they are such special people!

The good news is that her neurosugeon thinks her surgery looks great.  The biggest concern that we are now working on is some treatments to improve Annie's kidney health.  They are damaged and we are hopeful that the damage can be reversed or at least improve.  So we'll just keep praying for her like we always have and have faith that her Heavenly Father will take care of her.

We were overjoyed to have Annie baptized a couple of Saturdays ago.   The whole day was just so special!!  A long time friend of ours celebrated the sacrament and although we couldn't have all of our family and friends with us, we were so blessed by the ones who could be there.  It was quite the celebration!!  We were honored that my dear friend of 30 years could be her Godmother and honored that her China Baba is her Godfather.  They already have such a special connection but this makes it even more special for the years to come!

Can't believe none of the kids fell in to the floor level baptismal font.....

We were able to Skype with the foster home recently to ask him and Annie was so excited to see everyone back in China.  Isn't technology amazing?  She has named some of her babies after her friends and just prayed for her friend, "WayWay" the other night during dinner prayers.  We are trying to keep her connected without confusing her too much.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Aww that little girl. I don't know what it is about these kids but whenever I think about them and their stories, I tear up! God is so good. He has such huge plans in store for Annie's life! So glad that I got to play a small role in it!

  2. What a great weekend...short, but great...