Friday, March 8, 2013

In the North

You know you've been in the North too long when you consider 35 degrees warm and you get the bikes out (or you're just desperate to get outside)!

Look at this girl!!! Writing at 2--her Ayi taught her so well :)!!  
Her  English is so great and we haven't had many communication problems!!  We do have times when we can't understand what she's saying 
(and funny, Mei Mei usually figures it out for us), but it's rare. 

Annie loves to have "school time" and she still paints her hand (and Mei's)most days.

The girls love going outside most days.

Mama can't wait to be out here without all the layers and gloves-maybe sometime in June?

Two is so much more fun than one :)

We finally got out to the ski hill this past weekend. The weather was beautiful (for Wisconsin)-35 degrees, but sunny.  Not my ideal March 1 day but you have to go with it when you live up here.  Mei is doing so great skiing!  We were worried because of the need to roll your ankles but it doesn't seem to effect her!  She learned how to stop and is starting to learn to turn on her own.  She was so proud of herself that she was able to do the rope tow by herself this year!

Annie is ready to get started!  She kept wanting Ethan to hold her and ski down. 

One of my favorite parts of skiing, warming up in the chalet!  Her first marshmallow (I think)was a big hit!  Forget roasting it though-no time for that!!

I wanted to share this picture that I found today.  It was taken in December just days before we left for China.  We took it on the way to school.  IF you look down by the sun, you can see the "A"........made us all smile knowing we'd be united with Annie soon!


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