Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Gratefully, joyfully, happily, and finally-----we were blessed to celebrate Annie's birthday with her at home!  We've been half way around the world from her for her last 2 and just praying that she would be ours one day. I first saw her on her first birthday; and then last year, on her 2nd birthday, we were so happy to see pictures of her and pray that she would be part of our family someday.

 We celebrated on Sunday with everyone at home. 

She snuggled up to watch a little Nascar for a while.

           To be so stoic in China, she sure has gotten comfortable with us (thank the Lord)!

 She has the best giggle!

We just love everything about her!!!

 What did we do without her here with us???

The girl LOVES sweets!!

 SO great to have her home with us!!

 Happy birthday, little Annie!  We love you and we thank your parents for giving you life and pray that they will have peace that you are safe and so loved.  We thank you, New Day, for taking such sweet care of her and showing her so much love.  We thank you God for giving us the gift of being her family!!  

Press On!!


  1. I miss that giggle! I am SO GLAD she is home too. Happy Birthday, sweet girl. Love you so very, very much!