Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

I can't even begin to describe how busy it has been around here!!  The end of the school year always brings it but the end of senior year brings it in a BIG way!  Just for Cole alone we've had:

#1 Senior Prom

#2 Senior Prom

White Dinner

Senior Night for Lacrosse

I finished his quilt of t-shirt memories (a true family project!!)

The weather finally warmed so we could eat outside (Mei was so excited for Annie to join us)

A beautiful Baccalaureate Mass 

And finally, Graduation.....

All my babies.....

And such a blessing that all the Grandparents could come to celebrate!!

And more of our Kentucky clan, too!

And even Aunt K

It was such a special and fun weekend!  I survived......with barely a tear, surprisingly.  I think I got them all out when I sewed all those t-ball shirts into his quilt :)  We are just soaking it all in knowing that he'll be off to college soon and we will miss him so much!

Lacrosse season is still going with only one more game to go before the state playoffs!!
It's been a great season--undefeated so far!!

And, as for the rest of us:

MC celebrated the big 12!!!!!

She just finished her first lacrosse season and is happy it's over.  
Now, if school could just finish up, too, she'd be really happy!

Mei graduated from preschool! What a wonderful year she had with amazing teachers!!

Hadley has been relishing her time with her big brother and is really going to miss him next year!!  She just finished her sophomore year last week and is excited for summer!

E-man is finishing lacrosse season except for one final tourney.  
He, too, is counting the days until school is out! 

And, the little girls--or "DOUBLE TROUBLE" as we so affectionately call them---
well, they find joy in the journey.......

Whether it's running around on the field after a lacrosse game when they should be home in bed

Or stealing some time in the sprinkler on a hot day (yes, we've had 1 or 2)

 Or sharing some chips and laughter with their Pops after a long Graduation ceremony

these two are troopers!!  

It's hard to believe how far they've come in 6 short months!!  You rarely see one without the other.  Their sisterhood has blossomed so beautifully--one minute their best friends and the next minute they've pinched each other and are both telling me.  By the time they are off the steps, they have already planned what they are playing next!  I just love watching them.  Annie is doing great-such a blessing to this family!!!


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