Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beach Fun

There's not many places that I love better than the beach.  There's just something about seeing God's beautiful creation--the blueness of the water, the vastness of the ocean, the softness of the sand--it is all so breathtaking.  

Now that we live in Wisconsin, I can even add that I LOVE the heat and yes, even the humidity!  But living in Wisconsin, we are about a 19 hour drive away from our favorite spot where we've vacationed for about 14 years and that is tough.  But tough can be doable when something good is waiting on the other side!!  I am trying to keep a good attitude about living so far north and I will tell you(and my family would agree) that it has become extremely hard for many reasons.  One example is the fact that it was a high of 52 degrees on the day before we were leaving(in JUNE!!!) and it sure made it hard to imagine 80 degrees!!  

It's a good thing we planned our vacation early in the summer.  Looking at our calendars, we are not finding many open spots this summer to get away as a family.  But, our good planning ended up having consequences.

As Cole's lacrosse season unfolded and they were posting win after win, we realized that their chances of going to the State finals were very real.  So real that we booked him an airline ticket(which actually worked out well since he could fly with his buddy who was joining us for the week, too) to join us the day after we got there.  

Sure enough, they made it to the finals.  We were bummed to miss it (it was the night after we left) but excited that it would be televised and we could stream it on our computer to watch.  Isn't technology amazing?  Of course, we'll look back and read that line and laugh because I am sure it will be nothing compared to what the future holds!  Then, last minute, the lacrosse site posted that they would not be streaming.  We were so bummed not to be there but a kind dad kept us posted with each score and it was a nail biter for sure!  

We were so excited that they won!!  What a way to end your senior year with a State Championship title!!!

Cell phone shot

The week at the beach was great!  Annie loved the sand and warmed up to the ocean as long as it wasn't "crazy" as she would say.  She and Mei Mei are doing SO GREAT!!!!  So much better than I ever could have hoped for-thank you GOD!!  A good reminder that relationships take time........  We are all so in love with her and I kept thinking all week how grateful I was that she is really here with us this year!!!

   And what troopers these 2 were!  We went to the beach with friends of ours from wayyyyyyyyyy back.  There were 4 adults, 6 teenagers and 7 under the age of 12.  Needless to say we were burning the candle at both ends trying to keep all needs met!!  But after a little sleep, the little ones were ready to go!

It was neat because our friends brought home 2 brothers from Ethiopia this past fall so in addition to the "older" crew, we had the little ones keeping us busy, too! (Cell phone shot--couldn't figure out how to take out the red-eye)

Dad and his little girls.....

Mom and my big girl!

The State Champs!!

Mei Mei's favorite thing at the beach-a lizard!!!  Brings back so many memories of being in Florida with my Dad and Grandpa and begging them to catch one for me!  Hads and Ethan were so so sweet to be so willing to catch lizard after lizard for their little sis!!

At our favorite spot- Frostbites- a nightly tradition for sure!! 

If you look closely, Mei is holding up her lizard for the picture.  P
oor thing-he was MANHANDLED for a long time!!

All my babies......

On our way home......

And this is what we come home to the next week.  It's a good thing I hadn't taken daddy's dry-cleaning in yet as his shirts served as the perfect layer for a chilly summer night.  By the way, putting those 3 words together just doesn't seem right--why do we live here again???????

Press ON!!

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